Luthier Tools

Over 800 tools for instrument work, including Essential Fretting Tools and our Basic Setup Kit. Everything you need to fix your guitar or build one from scratch, plus friendly Free Tech Support to help you do it!

Newest Luthier Tools

  • Notched Fret Press Inserts

    Notched Fret Press Inserts

    Reseat a popped-up fret while leaving the strings on.

    from $12.99
  • Grobet Diamond Flexi-Files

    Grobet Diamond Flexi-Files

    A new and better flat file: strong, lightweight cutters that stay clean. The dot pattern of diamonds leaves room for material to fall away as it's removed.

    from $33.25
  • Jaws Fret Press

    Jaws Fret Press

    Fret an entire bolt-on neck, or most of an acoustic neck, FAST!
    "My favorite fretting tool." — Dan Erlewine

    from $305.16
  • Soft Touch Pliers

    Soft Touch Pliers

    Grip and turn seized-up guitar parts without damaging the plating! These non-marring pliers hold tight, and they don't leave marks.

  • Neck Cauls for Jaws Fret Press, Pre-2017

    Neck Cauls for Jaws Fret Press, Pre-2017

    In 2017 we revised our popular Jaws Fret Press, adding quick-change neck cauls to fit a variety of necks. With this set, you can add this versatility to your earlier version of Jaws.

    from $5.89