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  • Golden Age '52 Unsanded Body for Tele

    Golden Age '52 Unsanded Body for Tele

    In many ways, this is the guitar that ushered in one of the most iconic eras in music history—almost overnight the Tele® transformed blues and country, opened the door for rock & roll, and touched almost every other musical style and genre. The Telecaster is arguably the most influential guitar in modern history.

  • Golden Age '63 Unsanded Body for Strat

    Golden Age '63 Unsanded Body for Strat

    Part of the magic—the thing that drives most of us in this craft—is experiencing the moment when an "ordinary" hunk of wood transforms into an instrument. It's hard to say exactly when it happens, or even what that magic is, but you know it when you feel it. When you get your hands on one of our unsanded Golden Age '63 bodies you'll immediately feel that zap and your mind will race with the possibilities of what this can become with some nurturing, patience and imagination from you.

  • Tremolo Routing Templates

    Tremolo Routing Templates

    Create perfectly shaped tremolo cavities for Stratocasters® and clones having standard Fender-style, Floyd Rose® or Schaller locking tremolos with rear-routed spring cavities.

    from $28.49
  • Battery Box Routing Template

    Battery Box Routing Template

    Create perfectly shaped cavities for our battery boxes.

  • Notched Fret Press Inserts

    Notched Fret Press Inserts

    Reseat a popped-up fret while leaving the strings on.

    from $12.99